When will you realize it

Lyrics to When Will You Realize?
When Will You Realize? Video:
This is the year that we all live in fear There's no future for you and IIt may be your dream but you don't fit in my schemeAnd I'll run from your loving arms, it will be, thatYou've not seen the bad side of meI will stay in your sweet memory, 'till you die?This is the day you should wake up and sayYou'll discover what's going down because,Maybe you're thinking that love's everlasting,But no, there's something wrong, when you're sureThat the odds are all stacked on your sideBut I'm only along for the ride, you'll observe?This is the hour as it starts to turn sour andYou find out, that love's a sad game andThis is the moment you're losing, confusing,That same old sympathy, but you carry onAnd you dance 'till the guests have all gone,There'll be no-one to carry you home,You're alone, all alone? andWhen will you realize?

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